Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Service Host process (Svchost.exe) that hosts the Computer Browser service and the Server service stops unexpectedly in Microsoft Windows Server 2003


In Microsoft Windows 2003 X64 R2 SP2, unable to start Browser and Server service, error – “Access Denied”

While you restart the box, both will start automatically but not starting manually, it throws an error – Access Denied.


In some of 2003 box, browser DLL file not upgraded during patching for some issues and then running with older version which conflict with latest OS file sub system and cause this issue. It may also cause due to other issue example if some third-party server becomes the master browser. When a Windows-based server is the master browser, it does not let any host that is advertising its share to use a server comment that is larger than 48 bytes. When a third-party server message block (SMB) server becomes the master browser, it lets a host use a server comment that is larger than 48 bytes. In this case, when a Windows Server receives and tries to process the browser list, the Server service crashes. This behavior occurs because there is an overflow that eventually leads to a heap corruption


Check Browser.dll file with version, it will look like,

Symbol Status: SYMBOLS_PDB
Time/Date String: "February 17, 2007 15:03:41"
Product Version: (5.2:3790.3959)
File Version: (5.2:3790.3959)
Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
File Description: Computer Browser Service DLL

Whereas newer version is - 5.2.3790.4040

So, action plan is to upgrade file to its latest version for specific OS running on the box.

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