Thursday, July 19, 2012

In SCOM 2012, we cannot discover windows computers as network devices, so the SNMP trap send from Windows computers can be received by SCOM management server.

After discussing with the owner of network monitoring in Operations Manager product group, I personally confirmed it’s not possible to monitor SNMP traps from a windows computer via SNMP monitors.

I also learnt that the reason to filter the windows computers out of network discovery is because after we introduced network monitoring in OM 2012, a device is either a network device or a computer, if we support SNMP on a Windows computer, the same device will be discovered twice, once as a Windows computer, once as a network device and this will cause problem.

So in this scenario, we will need to use other mechanism to receive the trap and generate alert.

Alternate Way:
1.       Customize the application to send alert via other method like eventlog.
2.       Use other solution to receive the trap and call SCOM API to generate a property bag, and SCOM can receive this and generate alert.
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