Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Microsoft System Center Operation Manager 2012 - Unable to view DW perf data in SCOM Console

Hi Guys, I am posting another article for SCOM 2012 product on which I worked recently and resolved one of my customer issue.

OS - Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 SP1
Apps - Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) 2012
DB - Microsoft SQL server 2012

While created rule to view performance data for DW Synchronization, it is not viewable in SCOM console however same data visible in 'Perfmon' tool.

(DW Synchronization server & DW Connection server)

While checked, found attached are 2 screenshot for the rule defined in SCOM 2012 in order to view performance data for DW server.
Here, found that these rules are target to the Data Warehouse Synchronization Server instead of Data Warehouse Connection Server whereas both are diffrent rules defined.
So, either need to target to correct class for existing rule or need to create new rule targeting to DW connection server instead of DW synchronization server in order to get the perf data for DW server in SCOM console.
After targetting to correct class, i.e to DW connection server, issue got resolved.

So, by summarize this,


Unable to view perf data from “Synchronize Performance” view   


No collection rule collects the performance data from Data Warehouse Connection Server.  After manually created rules targeted to performance counters in the object “OpsMgr DW Synchronization module”, this issue got resolved and able to see the performance data correctly.