Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Microsoft Windows 2008 SP2 Standard Edition Server - Installed windows patches fail to show up under "Installed Updates" list

In Windows 2008 standard server with SP2, sometime it will show you the updates which were installed but sometime it fails to show up mumtiple windows patches under "Installed Updates" section.

But, at a same time, if you use MBSA, it detects all these updates.

So, here we need to look at 2 log files to see if it shows any corruption.


if you see the corruption errors like below,

then can follow the action plan as below.

1) On the server (from which these logs have seen), go to c:\windows\servicering\packages and check if the 12 files (6 .mum and files). If these files are present then make a copy of these files (after taking their ownership) and then delete the files.

2) Once done, find a machine in which these updates are successfully installed. Copy these 12 files (6 .mum and files) from that machine to this problem machine in c:\windows\servicering\packages. Then check if the updates show up in the list of “Installed Updates”. (May be reboot the server once after copying the files and then check).

if no success, check if server manager is able to discovering roles and features installed. If it throwing an error message like, HRESULT:0x800F0818 / HRESULT:0x800B0100, we need to look at server manager log in order to see why it occuring and does it goes off after reboot or not.

So, First we have to run the Microsoft Update Readiness Tool located here
Run the tool on server

  • Create the following directory structure : c:\windows\Checksur\Packages

  • In this packages directory (created in step 1), download and save the MSU packages for following updates (can be downloaded from Microsoft site):


  • Once all the MSU packages are copied, execute CheckSur again on the server. here running Checksur is nothing but running Microsoft Update readiness Tool. Once CheckSur completes, you can see that all installed windows patches will show under "Installed Updates" section.
This steps will resolve this patch not showing issue.

For Server Manager Error - you can click here for the resolution.
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