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How to configure schedule backup jobs to network share folder in Windows 2008 Standard Server

In Windows 2008 Standard Server, It is supported DVD media, External disk, attached dedicated backup disk or remote shared folder.
We can configure automatic backup in 2 mode.
1. Manual Backup
2. Scheduled backup

In windows 2008 standard edition, there is a limitation to store the backup to network (remote) shared folder. you can do a backup once but not a backup schedule. It need internal attached dedicated disk for backup but it is not supported to store backup in network shared folder through MMC (Windows backup console), you may get below error message.

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If you have a dedicated disk, you can schedule it through wbadmin enable command. Through standard edition, you cannot do it through mmc.

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This is due to a Limitation in standard edition of windows 2008 Server, this enhanced capabilities comes with R2 editions.

You can store both one-time (ad hoc) backups and scheduled backups on remote shared folders. (The capability to store scheduled backups on remote shared folders is new for Windows Server 2008 R2. (You can save scheduled backups to one or more attached disks (either internal or external)—or, new in Windows Server 2008 R2, you can save a scheduled backup to a volume or a remote shared folder.)

See Here for details.


You can archive the requirements by configuring schedule Backups to remote shared folder via command prompt by using WBADMIN command.

1. Manual Backup:-

Use below command in batch file and run backup once to remote share folder.

Wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:\\[Server]\[Share name] -include:C: -vssFull –quiet

2.  Automatic Schedule Backup to remote share folder:-

Use same command specified below in batch file. For complete steps, please follow below.

a. Create a Batch file with this command
b. Change the BackupTarget parameter as appropiate    (file://server/share name)
c. Copy this batch file to root of the drive
d. Login to server as a administrator account
e. Check and ensure that VSS, Block Level Backup service and Windows Backup services are running and set to Automatic modes.
f. Open remote shared folder and check permission granted. Ensure that domain\administrator having full access and this task requires administrator groups or Backup Operator groups permission to execute.
g. Check Windows Firewall status. It should be OFF state between source and destination servers. If your company strategy suggest to keep ON, ensure that windows backup is included and allowed under windows Firewall.
h. Open a Task Scheduler  (by Run as Administrator)
i. Select ' Create a Task'
j. Give the name of the task, schedule it with date/time needed   (specify atleast 10 minutes delay until it finish this configuration)
k. Switch to next tab, under start a program, select batch file from root drive
l. Modify settings as needed

Once done, Do not start the wizard, else it will throw an error code of 4294967294.

"Task Scheduler successfully completed task "\Daily Backup" , instance "{38ff800e-a688-40a0-bc79-d0519f662fc9}" , action "C:\Windows\System32\wbadmin.exe" with return code 4294967294"

This error code basically indicates the issue with permissions. You need to archive 2 things as spcfied below for the resolution.

Once you configured Task Scheduler, make sure owner of the task scheduler should be Domain\Administrator account and you must have selected the option of " Run with High Privilages"

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